S5-100 / S5-115 PLC Level 1

Course Outline

Upon completion of the course the student should:

  • Be able to recognise S5 hardware and be able to replace modules when a fault occurs.
  • Be able to operate the S5 software to make it perform certain tasks.
  • Understand basic S5 instruction set and be able to make minor modifications to software.
  • Be able to backup and restore a PLC program when required.
  • Be able to perform basic system diagnostics when a problem occurs.

Equipment per Delegate

  • Siemens S5-100 or S5-115 PLC.
  • PC or laptop.
  • Simulator.
  • Course Content
  • To fault find a system you need to know exactly how it works.

How exactly does a PLC work?

  • Am I getting the input to the PLC?
  • The LED on the output card means I am getting voltage out right?
  • What exactly happens in-between? Theres more than just a program in the CPU.
  • How exactly does it scan the program?
  • What is this Watchdog Timer? Is it that important?
  • Can I use the same output twice? That’s bad programming isn’t it?
  • A PLC is a logic controller, so use a logical approach to fault find it.
  • What are the 8 simple test points to check?
  • Is forcing a bit and toggling a bit is pretty much the same?

How do I do the following?

  • How do I check power is on and the PLC is in the right mode (RUN or Program).
  • Check for a fault condition.
  • Establish a link to the PLC (project settings).
  • If comms problem check PG/PC interface.
  • Create a blank project and take a backup.
  • Open project for PLC and go online.
  • Interrogate I Stack and B stack.
  • Identify hardware / software faults.
  • Change the battery.
  • Change modules if necessary (with and without spares).
  • Identify a PLC / comms fault.
  • Check all settings against a template, etc.
  • Check hardware.
  • Clear memory and download program.
  • Check software against latest copy (Compare function).

Με μια ματιά

Siemens S5-100 / S5-115

MS-DOS based S5

5 days

Max. Delegates

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